Financing Education: Opportunities for Global Action

We already know that a few days worth of global military spending could significantly change the educational futures of millions of children worldwide, but this argument falls on deaf ears.

What we need is more robust arguments and data on the financing of improvements in the quality of education for all, so that priorities can be re-drawn.This report might help!

Report: Financing Education: Opportunities for Global Action
Brookings, Center for Universal Education

It is our hope that this year will be marked in history as the year when the world agreed on an ambitious global plan to eradicate poverty and ensure that all children have access to a high-quality basic education. Achieving these education goals will require all hands on deck. Governments, donors and nonstate actors will need to work together to deliver on this promise. Significantly more financing will be required, and resources will need to be spent in the most effective way.

This report focuses on how a subset of the targets related to basic education—that is, that all children should complete high-quality pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education—can be financed. This report reviews the financing efforts for the education sector in developing countries during the past decade and assesses what will be required in the coming years to reach the basic education goals by 2030. We explore how much total spending will need to increase between now and 2020 to be on track to reach the basic education goals by 2030.

Click to read more and download the full report.


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