Achieving the Education SDG – in Tanzania and beyond

Here in Tanzania, we are trying to support children who have been unable to access education, or arrive at the start of primary school not knowing ther language of instruction. Our School Readiness Programme is a short but essential intervention which has already allowed up to 10,000 children access to some sort of education. In one community 400 children were registered to attend the School Readiness class. Luckily for the Community Teaching Assistant, this number was reduced to 99 by reducing the number of very young children and some of the much older children for this year, which is a pilot year.

We believe, that this type of intervention is in the spirit of the new SDGs (see below).

Achieving the Education SDG: Start Early and Stay the Course
UNICEF Connect 

Blog Post
Now the razzmatazz celebrating the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals is over, it is time to get down to business. For education (Goal 4) that means prioritizing the 250 million children who are not learning the basics, to ensure this global learning crisis is a thing of the past by 2030.

The first, and most vital, step that needs to be taken is to address disadvantage from early childhood.Evidence from around the world is clear: the children who encounter learning difficulties early on, face an uphill struggle to catch up. Learning inequalities are visible before children start school, and these inequalities often widen during the school years. This pattern is apparent across a range of sources of inequality, including poverty, gender, geographic location, disability, and ethnic and linguistic minority status, with these often interacting with one other to reinforce disadvantage.

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Other initiatives worth reading about:

Educational Results Stories
Global Partnership for Education 

Interactive Website 
The Global Partnership for Education wants to make it possible for all children, including the poorest and most marginalized, to attend school and receive a quality education. That’s why the GPE supports developing countries from the design of their education sector plan to its funding, implementation, and evaluation.

The GPE has provided a new feature on their website titled “Results Stories” that provides an interactive scroll-down of positive stories related to the impact of global educational initiatives. The stories can be filtered by Focus Area, Country, and Media Type.


More on the Tanzania School Readiness Programme (SRP) in later posts.

SRP mpwapwa


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