Access and Quality of learning….even in a crisis

What is good about what we learned about the focus on access since 1990’s is that this was never enough, now we are talking (and acting) on issues to do with quality and even children’s well – being. We are making progress!

Educational Access and Quality of Learning in Crisis Review
Department for International Development

This review assesses interventions to promote educational access, quality of learning, and wellbeing for children in crisis-affected countries.

Interventions for children in crisis-affected or post-crisis countries can promote educational access, quality of learning, and wellbeing. This rigorous review has 3 primary goals:

  1. to assess the strength and quality of the existing evidence of effective practices and interventions in regions affected by crises
  2. to identify relevant evidence of effective interventions from higher-income countries
  3. to develop conceptual models that can be tested in future research.

Click here to download the review.


and more about quality…

Global Education Monitoring Report Teachers’ Page

Interactive Website 

This Global Education Monitoring Report Teachers’ Page aims to provide teachers with the advocacy tools they need in order to ensure quality education for all.

In order to solve the learning crisis that has left 250 million children not learning the basics, all children must have teachers who are trained, motivated and enjoy teaching. They must be able to identify and support weak learners and be backed by well-managed education systems.

Governments must increase access while also making sure that learning improves for all. Adequately funded national education plans that aim explicitly to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and that ensure equitable access to well-trained teachers must be a policy priority.

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