The power of stories and storytelling – in Tanzania!

“A lion walked near the village one night, left its paw prints, and was heard giving its blood curdling roar.

The next morning, all the children refused to go out. The Community Teaching Assistant, walked around to all the homes and encouraged the children to come with her as she said in a convincing manner  -” the School Readiness class is a place of safety for all children”

This was a story told by district facilitators during an oral story telling session as part of a reflection workshop in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Facilitators entered into a range of activities such as ‘learning journeys’  ‘force field’ and ‘community participation cooperative book making’, all punctuated with rounds of


singing and dancing – typical of a School Readiness training session. This heady mix of creativity, story telling, puppet making and singing and dancing enables a truly trusting learning environment where participants work together as a family (as one participant stated).

This learning context has ensured that the quality of training is maintained throughout the cascade, as observed in the most remote School Readiness centres.


More on the impact of School Readiness as the children start primary school in the next post…….



note:A lion  can roar as loud as 114 decibels, about 25 times louder than a petrol driven lawn mower.


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