Addressing gender based violence

Schools should be a safe haven for children, but in too many cases children are abused, beaten and humiliated while at school. For girls, this can be too common an experience. Safe learning environments are the least we can expect from schools -but how to achieve this?

UNGEI Briefing Paper: Addressing School-Related Gender-Based Violence is Critical for Safe Learning Environment 
Norwegian Refugee Council & Global Working group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence 

Crises, conflict and displacement lead to heightened insecurities – physical, psychological, social and financial—for affected populations including refugees. The breakdown of family and community support systems and high levels of stress and trauma magnify pre-existing levels of violence and conflict within families and in schools. That there is a rise in sexual and gender-based violence in conflict situations is undisputed. Reports of gender-based violence emerge in the aftermath as systems for reporting and response get established as part of a humanitarian response. Yet data required to produce global estimates is limited.

Learn more here. Download the paper here.  


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