The urgent need for investment in pre-primary education

I don’t know what is needed to convince governments of the urgent need for increased investment in children 0-8. The evidence is overwhelming.

World Education Blog

By Pauline Rose and Ben Hewitt

3A child’s most important steps happen before they set foot in a primary school. Early childhood, from birth to age five, is the most critical developmental stage in a person’s life. By their fifth birthday, a child’s brain will already be 90% developed. If children are going to reach their full physical, social, and cognitive potential in school and in life, they must be provided with quality nurturing care in their very years. Early childhood interventions should support four key developmental domains — physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development. However, while progress is being made in some areas, children’s early education is too often neglected, putting millions of children at a disadvantage even before they enter school.

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