War is Driving Girls Out of School

War is Driving Girls Out of SchoolHeather Barr, Human Rights Watch’s Women’s Rights Division

““There were two bombs in the school,” said 16-year-old Malalai, describing an attack in January 2016 against her girls’ school in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province. She said the Taliban had left a letter in the schoolyard: “They said they put the bombs because you haveto stop sending your girls to school.” Acid attacks. Kidnapping. “Night letters” threatening students and teachers. Improvised explosive devices. Gunfire. Schools closed for girls above fifth grade. Insurgents censoring the curriculum. Girls’ schools closed completely.

These are just some of the barriers girls in Afghanistan face in trying to get an education. Afghanistan is one of at least 10 countries that has faced targeted attacks against girls’ education in recent years. …”

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Teachers are central to any effective response to school-related gender-based violence

Teachers are central to any effective response to school-related gender-based violence -GEM report


There are approximately 45 million girls of primary and secondary school age not going to school in sub-Saharan Africa according to the UIS – more than in any other region. Our 2017/8 report showed that across 18 countries in the region, gender-based violence, as measured by intimate partner violence, early marriage and female genital mutilation, […]

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