The challenge…of Target 4.7


Blog: The challenge of Target 4.7 in fragile and low-resource contexts  
Margaret Sinclair & Jean Bernard, Global Education Monitoring Report 
“Given current challenges of conflict, insecurity and environmental collapse, we must put maximum effort into Sustainable Development Goal Target 4.7: education to promote responsible and global citizenship, a culture of peace, gender equality, human rights, respect for cultural diversity and sustainable lifestyles. Achieving Target 4.7 presents challenges in every society. This blog specifically addresses the challenges in fragile and low-income countries, and the possibilities for collaborative development of effective approaches and guidance in respect of textbooks and other education materials.”

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Education for Global Citiizenship

Education for Global Citiizenship
Education Above AllThis book addresses the challenge of designing education programmes that can help students develop the skills, concepts, attitudes and values to become responsible global citizens. Case studies of current programmes reflect various components of global citizenship including education for “local and global citizenship”, “responsible citizenship”, peace, human rights, humanitarian norms and related themes, undertaken even in low-resource settings and in education systems affected by conflict and fragility.

The book includes 16 authoritative briefs from practitioners and specialists engaged in this work. The introductory chapters draw on these briefs to illustrate key principles, notably a holistic approach which systematically and explicitly includes and revisits the various component themes of education for local, national and global citizenship throughout the years of schooling. The objective is for students to identify personally with the values underlying positive citizenship, and examples are given of appropriate pedagogy to support this goal.

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