The Education Equity Research Initiative


Website: The Education Equity Research Initiative
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The Education Equity Research Initiative’s website is now live! The Education Equity Research Initiative aims to advance the field of global education towards equity-oriented education policy and programming. It will do so by creating a vibrant network and strong coalition of organizations committed to developing and consolidating common metrics and a strong research evidence base on education equity.

The Education Equity Research Initiative focuses on:

  • Tackling known data gaps and under-researched equity issues (e.g. “invisible” populations) to build a strong knowledge and evidence base on the dimensions and magnitude of the challenge
  • Examining the effects of policy and program responses to identify and promote promising, equity-oriented pedagogical, resourcing and financing solutions
  • Shining a light on the connections between education inequality and fragility, and examining effective solutions related to learning and retention for these populations
  • Providing a vital learning forum, bringing together collective knowledge and expertise and connecting professionals at the intersection of research, policy and practice around a common goal and common framework.

Access the website here.