Education breakthroughs? 2015 and beyond….

Having just returned from Zimbabwe where the Government is attempting to put forward fundamental education reforms (new curricula, new teacher education strategy etc. It is worth considering the flurry of excitement about post 2015 initiatives. It seems that some of the failures (or lack of achievement) in terms of EFA and MDGs may be spurring all interested agencies to hold onto the gains made and extend the agenda.

It’s time for an Education Breakthrough: Coming Together for 2015 and the Agenda Beyond
Center for Universal Education at Brookings
The stars of the global development galaxy infrequently align to provide the education sector with an opportunity to advance progress for girls and boys around the world. However, there is currently a unique opportunity to put forth a common vision to reinforce the Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and to chart a forward-looking agenda for the post-2015 development goals that builds upon collective progress and lessons learned.

Three global policy windows are available to advance a common agenda:

  1. Discussions and processes for establishing a new set of global development goals, following the expiration of the MDGs in 2015, are underway in the United Nations.
  2. UNESCO has also started parallel conversations on the post-2015 EFA agenda.
  3. The U.N. Secretary General will soon launch a five-year global education initiative that will span the time period leading up to and following 2015.

To read the full opinion piece, click  here.


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